White Tea

There are many different kinds of tea, so what to choose?

If you just want a good tea then you have to try it out, because the taste is different. But if the most important thing is not the taste, but you want such a healthy tea as possible then you have to give out on detective work, which I have done.


Facts about White Tea! 

 The white tea comes from the same bush as the green. In the production of White Tea, the tea leaves are dried at a lower temperature than green tea and therefore the tea leaves are not oxidized. Since white tea does not go through additional production steps, it retains its original shape and many of the beneficial substances naturally found in the leaves.   

The white tea therefore contains more antioxidants and other nutrients than other types of tea. A cup can contain up to three times as much nutrients as green tea!

White tea can be divided into two subcategories: Silver needles and Baimudan. The former is finest and consists only of the white-budded buds, while the other consists of both leaves and buds.

Why Drink White Tea?

1. Amino acid teanine allegedly relieve stress,
2. Contains antioxidants and other nutrients, which strengthen the immune system.
3. According to an American study, the white tea can be effective against infections, bacteria, viruses and can even lower body temperature, for example, in fever.
4. Good for the stomach as it counteracts fluid accumulation and stimulates the intestinal system.
5. Since white tea contains high levels of flavonoids, a form of antioxidants, it is believed that tea can prevent the development of new cancer cells and counteract the growth of existing ones.

How to make white tea in the best way!

No matter how strange it sounds, the best way to cook the tea is in micron, according to researchers from the University of Newcastle in Australia. According to the researchers, it should produce the best flavor and most effectively activate the caffeine, the tea and the polyphenols in the tea.

Here’s how to prepare, according to the study:

1. Place hot water in a cup with a tea bag.
2. Heat half power in the microwave oven for 30 seconds (with the bag in).
3. Let go for one minute.

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